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Tvåvingar: Blomflugor (Hoverflies) Part 2

PostWysłany: 2009-Gru-28, 18:21
przez Robert Żóralski
Pojawił się właśnie drugi (i jednocześnie ostatni) tom o Syrphidae z cyklu "Encyclopedia of the Swedish flora and fauna". Pierwszy tom dotyczył Syrphidae Półwyspu Skandynawskiego (włącznie z Islandią) i zawierał opisy, mapy rozmieszczenia, klucze oraz ilustracje. Drugi jest jego uzupełnieniem.
Zakupić można tu.
Cena po dzisiejszym kursie to ok. 150zł/tom + przesyłka.
"Tvåvingar: Blomflugor (Hoverflies) Part 2"

Wiadomość oryginalna:
Dear syrphid friends,
Shortly before Christmas I was glad to receive the just published second volume of the Swedish book about Hoverflies.

The first volume did cover all known species of Syrphinae in Fennoscandia incl. Iceland with species accounts, distribution maps, keys and illustrations. This second volume covers all remaining species in the area.

I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all of you who have helped me with information or specimens or have encouraged me in other ways to perform my part of the book.

For more information about the Swedish book please go to (or google eg. ”Nationalnyckeln hoverflies” or "the Encyclopedia of the Swedish flora and fauna" ) and choose Swedish or English information. The book can now be ordered there or from various book shops.

And do not hesitate to visit (or google on ”Artportalen”), click on ”rapportsystemet för småkryp” (with the butterfly-ilustration) and on next page click on ”landskapskatalog för blomflugor” – and you will see a time window based province catalogue for Swedish hoverflies covering the days from Linnaeus on to 2008. On the same site you can also find more than 10.000 observations of Swedish Syrphidae amongst other observations of Swedish fauna & flora.

Best wishes for New Year 2010
Hans Bartsch

Just before the book was published we have been aware of another Syrphidae species that apparently has been overlooked for long time. If you google "Cryptopipiza notablila Bartsch" you will find my paper on that species (in Swedish with a tiny English summary).